Thursday, June 13, 2013

I hate to admit it, but its true.  I'm a shop-o-holic combined with being a wee bit of a hoarder.  Never know when you'll need whatever it was that was on sale last month or a few years ago...whatever, does it matter?  

I love a sale and my favourite price is FREE.  If there is a free sample, even if it is something I don't use or want, I order it.  The hubby also loves to bring me the small size bathroom items from his business trips.  Not sure, but this may have led to my hoarding issues.

I once heard an organizational expert, Peter Walsh I believe, say that "you can go broke saving money"  I'm beginning to think it might be true.  How many bottles of body wash does a family need?  Don't answer that!

Here is the top of my linen closet before

A quick trip to Walmart for some plastic containers and some serious decisions about wants vs. needs.  I was able to let of 'things' by packing them into a shoebox and setting them aside to donate.  We have a local youth shelter in the area and they love getting individual sizes of personal care items so giving things away wasn't really so hard.  

After a couple of hours and some time with my label maker (a bit anal I know, but it works for me), here are the new and improved shelves.

So what is on your list to get organized?  I think there are some kitchen cupboards calling out to me next.


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