Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And now for something completely different

Let me interrupt this blog about myself and my vintage finds for something completely different.

I have never been much of a dolly domestic and I don't expect that Martha Stewart will be calling me anytime soon for cooking, cleaning or decorating advice.  That being said, something has been bothering me for a couple of months now.  Last year a bought a single, high end, decorative pillow for the bed that complemented my neutral tan duvet cover.  It provided a quick way to add a bit of pizzazz to the bedroom (don't go there!).  Now my decorating is basic but I do have a summer and a winter duvet cover.  The light tan color for spring/summer and a navy blue for fall/winter.  After putting the new duvet cover on I continued to add the decorative pillow when making the bed.  I knew it didn't look right but I have trouble paying the high price that stores around here ask for the pillows I like.

See?  Nice pillow that simply doesn't really work.  When my daughter was little I managed to sew some clothes for her, nothing fancy but they turned out OK. I once managed to make her a dress, a skirt and vest all from a pink dotted Swiss bridesmaid dress (sadly the dress lasted longer than the marriage did!).  Anyway, back to my seemingly foolish endeavor.   I had some navy pinstripe material in the basement (dreams of a nice pencil skirt or or a shift dress) that I thought would work.  Dusted off the sewing machine and searched the internet for simple envelope pillow cover instructions.  How hard could it be to remember how to sew straight seams?  Turns out, not that hard at all.  Take a look and let me know what you think?  I think it looks way better.  Best of all the other pillow is inside the cover so when the season changes I just take off the blue cover, wash, iron and store!


  1. Well done! I like your creation much better than the premade one. Now, if only you could explain my sewing machine to me

  2. Great idea and it does look better. I like the idea of the pillow inside to go with the tan one.