Sunday, December 2, 2012

So how does a simple girl like me wind up selling on Etsy?  I blame my father.  Let me backtrack a bit here for you.  He grew up during the depression so, to him, everything  had value.  He rarely threw anything out, I suppose he made re-using and re-cycling popular before it hit the mainstream market.  Yet despite the fact his VCR always blinked 12:00 he was able to successfully sell stamps (his hobby and passion) on-line.  He started me on Ebay many years ago with some success.  I figured if he could do it then so could I!

Fast forward about 10 years and to a time when my mother-in-law needed to go into a nursing home.  I inherited her fairly large “eclectic” jewelry collection.  Since, like my father, I couldn’t just throw it out (and I certainly wasn’t going to use any of it myself)  I needed to find a way to share these “treasures” with others.  Ebay wasn’t going to work for this venture so I needed to look for something else.  ETSY!  When I joined, Etsy had recently begun to allow Vintage items.  Ah ha!  Just what I needed.

Many of my early sales were accidents, since I was just learning the ropes I had very little idea of what I was doing.  Tagging, descriptions, titles, good photos – I knew nothing of these.  What I quickly learned, however, is what a wonderful co-operative  community Etsy was.  People helped me, often without even asking. 

Here are a few of my first sales

Since that time I have learned a lot about vintage jewelry and it has led me to seek out new items to learn about and offer for sale.  It has been quite an enjoyable journey which I hope to continue on.

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